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”Education is Empowering"

Webinar Outreach Wing About Us

Dear Friends,

The Webinar Outreach wing was created during the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

It was an effective way of reaching out and keeping the community connected at a time when everyone was feeling confused, isolated, and concerned about their health.

It immediately caught on with our audience, allowing us to grow our community around the world and expanding our outreach. Our acclaimed Health and Wellness experts have provided clarity, reassurance, and advice to us to this day.

We are constantly evolving and striving to meet the needs of the moment.

We are very grateful to our community partners, our ambassadors and to our audience, for their wholehearted support and enthusiasm in embracing our effort of empowering through education, the main goal of The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization.

It has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey thus far and we thank you for coming along with us. Best regards,

Founding Member & Chairperson,

Smita Chandra

Celebrate Life's Milestones Memorably

Give a charitable donation to WOW in lieu of a gift to a loved one and we will mark the occasion by sending an online card in your name to the recipient of your choice. We’re sure they’ll appreciate you and your meaningful gift even more!

Thank you to our Webinar Audience Donors

Trewo Executive



“I was impressed with your professional format of the recent WOW Webinar “Breaking the Chain of addiction”. Dr Selby, and Dr Sudi, were extremely interesting, informative and absolutely needed in today’s society.
– Howard Rafuse

Stop That Heart Attack!

” Thank-you for the work you are doing. The webinar last night was very informative. The information was conveyed in a way that was easy for the average person to understand and the pictures really helped to understand what was being taught.
– Rick Green


Living with Hope

Innovations In Cancer Therapy


Exploring the Spectrum of HEART DISEASE

Appreciation From Trillium Health Partners

🍁 A Big Thank You to TREWO! 🙏💙

This #FallPreventionMonth, we express our gratitude to our long-standing partner The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization (TREWO) for hosting the Imagination Ball earlier this year and raising $10,000 in support of Trillium Health Partners’ Fall Prevention Program.

Your support fuels our Fall Prevention Program, making a real impact on community wellness. 🌟 Thank you for being a part of the positive change! 🍂💖 Our Fall Prevention Program combines assessment, exercise, and education to help reduce the risk of falls or becoming injured by falls, especially for our aging population.


Trillium Health Partners


” We absolutely loved Dr. Clive’s presentation last night. We learned so much about the importance of taking care of our every day health in order to stave off dementia.

“It was very nice listening to Dr. Barbara Clive, an eminent doctor caring for seniors health and sharing her vast knowledge on dementia. I learnt many things on dementia, stages of dementia, control of dementia and how to prevent it early in life with brilliant presentation.



“Dr. K’s story of change in her change of country is so close to home. ………..Now I know. Also, how my transition into assimilation was through Gratitude .
“I certainly enjoyed Dr. Kumar’s talk on Coping with Change.   Sharing her own challenges with change was enlightening and I loved her analogy with the seasons. 
……….. her advice that a grateful heart keeps one positive I will treasure.

COVID Isn't Over Yet!

“The webinar was informative, educational and gave us (the participants) insight into the biology behind what covid is and how a virus behaves, ultimately helping us further understand the importance of covid safety measures and precautions. It was great to hear about this from someone so well versed and knowledgeable as Dr. Peter Lin!
– Widaad Aamir, Crisis Counsellor, Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services
“The presentation was great and the moderator was SUPERB! Dr. Lin really had a great way of making some of these complex scientific and medical concepts easy to understand. I know how hard you and the rest of the Executive Committee worked to put this together tonight. It was very, very well done!
– Edward C. Ferriter, Captain, US Navy (Retired)

Families in Crisis - Creative Solutions For Dealing With Pandemic Anxiety

“I enjoyed last night’s webinar very much. I knew that I would be talking to Sudi and Asha later and they would ask if I participated fully.
And yes I did!  In fact, I was doing the machete all over my family room. And to my surprise I was one of the evening’s winners!!  So thank you all so much for that. And a very big thank you to all who put together this excellent presentation.  PS my 80 plus year old mother told me this morning that she was up dancing too.”
– Karen Neeson

Pandemic In Perspective - Updates & Insights

“Thank you for your kind words…you made me feel warm on a very cold day.
I am but a flash in the dark.  The work that you, Smita, and the whole organization are doing – that is an eternal flame.
Thank you for all the hard work to organize such a great webinar.  Thank you for inviting me and for the future celebration with Smitas’s wonderful cooking.”
– Peter J. Lin MD CCFP


Alone But Not Lonely

“I have been invited to collaborate with WOW and The Ripple Effect on two occasions now as a Speaker, and I can honestly say I have witnessed up close and personally the passion this organization has for elevating people, and lifting society in general. Smita, Asha and the rest of the leadership team are a delight to work with, and dedicated to their mission of bringing relevant information, education, and inspiration to their audiences. I am glad to be a part of each other’s community and am looking forward to more.”
– Dr. Natasha Sharma, Psy.D

Say No To Being Hacked!

“This webinar demonstrated cause, effect and prevention examples for common digital communication-based risks.

From a management perspective, the event was well-organized and produced, including a rehearsal. Organizers Dr. Sudi Devanesen, his wife Dr. Asha Devanesen, committee members Smita Chandra, Tina Walia and Sridhar Rao were a pleasure to work with. I would recommend other speakers work with the The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization if asked.”

– Steve Chapelle


Community Partners

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget helps us to create healthy communities through education – closing tangible gaps in delivery of information or invisible but equally critical gaps in understanding it.

Think of it as a ‘Ripple Effect’ – a drop of information that challenges the status quo and spreads in ever-widening circles to make a positive influence and generate significant results.

Women's Day Celebration


Empowering Women