Together We Can

Shifting the Paradigm of Sickness to Wellness


Each year, TREWO’s signature fundraising events include our Imagination Ball as well as the annual Golf Tournament

Women Empowerment

Alone But Not Lonely

Loneliness is a problem that can leaad to a myriad of health hazards for the mind and body. This is especially true during recent pandemic lockdowns, which have left us with feelings of isolation.

Date: Nov 24, 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 07:30 PM – 8:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Education Finance

Freedom From Financial Worries

In these unprecedented times of economic uncertainty wrought by COVID, strategic financial planning is the key to achieving confidence and stability in life. We present two experts who will share their knowledge about financial literacy and equip us to face unexpected challenges.

Date: Oct 7, 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 07:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register below till November 6 , 2021


Imagination Ball

To be Announced

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget helps us to create healthy communities through education – closing tangible gaps in delivery of information or invisible but equally critical gaps in understanding it.

Think of it as a ‘Ripple Effect’ – a drop of information that challenges the status quo and spreads in ever-widening circles to make a positive influence and generate significant results.