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Heart Risk Calculator

Falls Prevention Programme

Research suggests that chronic loneliness may be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. But do we know what loneliness actually is?

Campus Safety App

The Haven app has the following features for students: 

  • Tap on the app when you are at risk of danger, and your loved ones will know your status and location in under 5 seconds
  • Call your loved ones, also known as “Angels,” in-app and don’t worry about scrolling down your contact list in an emergency
  • Need help now? We know you probably never called 911 before, so we provide a script with life-saving information such as your location, status, number, and more that you can relay to emergency operators. These crucial seconds are vital to your safety
  • Find ‘text me when you get home’ a hassle? Or hate the feeling of dread when someone doesn’t text you that they got home safely because they forgot? Use our Destination Timer to inform your loved ones when you get home safely
  • Learn more about consent, what assault is, and when your boundaries have been violated through our expert-reviewed Education Pages

Children’s Covid Vaccination - advice from Sick Kid’s Hospital