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“  Creating Healthy Communities  ”

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”  TREWO is dedicated to empowering Communities through innovative and unique Educational Programmes “





The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization (TREWO) is a registered Canadian charity launched on April 1, 2009.  (Charity Number 849907365.)

TREWO is led by Dr Sudi Devanesen, recipient of the Order of Canada and Ravi Juneja, founding member of EIPROC, the East Indian Professional Residents of Canada.

On the TREWO Advisory Board are leading medical practitioners, ethical business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and academia.

More About TREWO

Ripple Effect – Germination

 [Poem/Quote  by  Dr. Sudi Devanesen ,  2006 ]

A ripple can gently nudge the shore line or  cause a Tsunami , it depends on the initial energy which provides the momentum for ever widening circles of hope,healing & health 

TREWO'S Founders - Dr. Sudi Devanesen & Mr. Ravi Juneja


Dr. Sudi Devanesen & Mr. Ravi Juneja


Dr. Sudi and Dr. Asha Devanesen featured in Loveen Gill’s story on OMNI TV


Celebrate Life's milestones memorably

Give a charitable donation to TREWO   in lieu of a gift and we will send a card in your name to the recipient of your choice.






”  A big congratulations to all of you for pulling off such a remarkable event.

I can’t tell you how grateful  I am to have been able to participate in this wonderful initiative.

Thank you for considering me, I am truly honoured.  “

Marissa Teeter

( Senior VP , Financial Services - IG Wealth Management )

My congratulations to The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization ( TREWO ) for their tremendous achievements over the last decade. Their focus on improving Youth mental health, empowering Women with relevant information, and supporting Seniors through outreach programs, has been remarkable.They are meeting the basic social and economic needs of life, such as shelter and food, for  Senior’s Day Program, executed by Roofs for the Roofless, an NGO in Chennai, India. 

 The modest amount of funds that the Ripple Effect Wellness Organisation has raised, has had an impact far greater than what most other organizations have been able to achieve. This has been made possible by the efforts from the numerous volunteers who have unselfishly given hundreds of hours of their time each year for such a noble social cause.

 I wish TREWO every success in the future and I am confident that their impact will grow.

Dr. Salim Yusuf , DPhil, FRCPC, FRSC, O.C.

Distinguished University Professor of Medicine & Executive Director, Population Health Research Institute - McMaster University | Chair - HSF - Marion W. Burke in Cardiovascular Disease
“Exceptional, well attended event with empowering and engaging speakers, energetic performances and delicious cuisine. Everything was clockwork perfect, with a seamlessly flowing program that informed and inspired the TREWO guests. Indeed, such a fine coming together of community. Much appreciation and gratitude to all!!!”

Jennifer Lynn

Renowned Community Leader | CEO - LCI Associates Inc
“ I have been a part of the events organized by TREWO for several years now. The events give a platform to women to meet, socialize and learn from each other. These events provide a plan where women link with one another and continue to support each other during difficult times. These events are harbingers of hope, optimism and leadership.

The women look forward to these events and implement the learnings acquired from the events. I want TREWO to continue organizing these events and we would support you in these wonderful, exciting and energizing events. ”

Mr. Baldev Mutta

Founder & CEO - PCHS ( Punjabi Community Health Services )

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