Women's Outreach Wing Mission

” Empowering Women – Embracing Hope“

Our mission is to inspire, educate, motivate, and empower women through stimulating talks by renowned speakers. We aim to sensitise people to their own personal or their family’s mental health issues and try to reach the ‘silent majority of women’ who are aware of their problems but are unable to seek mental health help.

Women's Outreach Wing About Us

My journey with TREWO started over 10 years ago when Dr.Sudi invited me to join his newly created organization as a volunteer.

We recognized the huge need to empower vulnerable women in our community and give them the confidence to lead their best lives. This was a subject close to my heart and I was honoured to become Chair of the Women’s Outreach Wing (WOW). Together with an executive committee of five members, we reached out to women’s shelters, community organizations, public health groups and other charities to join forces in expanding our outreach.

Our objective was to empower, motivate and inspire women through education. We did this by inviting powerful speakers to lead women on subjects of mental health, financial literacy, and many other relevant topics. Each year we hold a live event where 300 people come together to share ideas and gather resolve. Since Covid has put a stop to live events, we have pivoted to holding webinars online, continuing to provide the same service, inspiration, and motivation to our audience.

It has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey this far, but we feel that our work has just begun and we have many more miles to go!

Founding Member & Chairperson,

Smita Chandra

Celebrate Life's Milestones Memorably

Give a charitable donation to WOW in lieu of a gift to a loved one and we will mark the occasion by sending an online card in your name to the recipient of your choice. We’re sure they’ll appreciate you and your meaningful gift even more!

Executive Committee

Empowering Women, Embracing Hope!

Inspire, Educate, Motivate and Empower


Community Partners

Why Support Us ?

Solely supported by our sponsors and partners, we host a symposium every year: an event that draws over 300 guests.

We would like to work in partnership with you and look forward to your commitment to that end.

Please see attached flyer and link to a short video presentation from our Women’s Empowerment event of 2018/2019:

 WOW Empowering Women event

Your donation is the biggest part of our budget helps us to create healthy communities through education – closing tangible gaps in delivery of information or invisible but equally critical gaps in understanding it.

Think of it as a ‘Ripple Effect’ – a drop of information that challenges the status quo and spreads in ever-widening circles to make a positive influence and generate significant results.

Women's Day Celebration


Empowering Women