• Mira Persaud

Thank You TREWO and A Message From Mind Full Health Organization

Hello TREWO Team,

It was nice to see you all at the AGM. I wanted to take a moment to express what we’ve been up to so far in the year, and what our plans are for the next few months/ going forward. We’d like to thank you for all your support since the beginning, and for helping us make a true difference in the various communities we’ve expanded to. I feel it’s important for TREWO to integrate into any Mind Full Health endeavours that are taking place. We always appreciate your input.

In postsecondary schools, Mind Full Health recruited 16 Core Team Directors who serve as a part of our executive team. The team members are all Ontario postsecondary students at various schools including Ryerson, UofT, Guelph, Western, uOttawa, York, and we’re currently recruiting students at Queens and McGill. We meet every two weeks via Skype and in person in Toronto/ Ottawa. At each of these schools, various health promotion projects have been designed that occur throughout the year. We also have partnered with Unity for Action, who are putting on a musical called “Don’t Panic” about mental health. All proceeds will be going towards our workshops. Our goal is to keep expanding, and gain more interest from faculty staff and professionals to help facilitate our workshops and shift some focus on to biomedical concerns. We are currently recruiting interested partners to organize a project with the Aboriginal Health Interest Group to provide resources to meet Health Services goals in addressing the social determinants of health in northern Ontario communities in terms of mental health services.

In elementary schools throughout the YRDSB and TDSB we have completed over 30 workshops with individual classrooms by request! We have taken the time to train our volunteers and Core Team Directors on how to facilitate our workshops on mental/ physical health and disability awareness. These workshops have been very effective and we are continuing to go to any school that requests any one of our workshops. We believe in addressing these issues early on upstream, as a preventative measure of mental health stigma and issues later on in adolescence.

In secondary schools our Youth Health Club (YHC) chapters have been using our year-long package, devised by our Core Team Directors and execs, that includes activities and sessions for each group of students at these various high schools. The topics pertain to mental health and biomedical concerns that youth are interested in, and that are relevant to their community environment. Not only do guidance councillors attend all meetings and support the individual events such as Youth Health Week and our new Research Seminar, but other health care professionals have been guests at YHC meetings. YHC students and members have also attended conferences via York U and through their high schools. The schools in Ontario include Pierre Elliot Trudeau, St. Josephs, Richmond Hill High School, Bayview High School, St Augestine. Our goal is to keep expanding across Canada.

Going forward we are partnering with Women’s Health Resources on campuses, attempting to organize more workshops with professionals targeting marginalized communities who need help (aboriginal, minority, refugee etc…), and are looking to recruit members to be a part of our advisory board; a message which we extend to the TREWO Team for anyone who is interested.

We’d also like to announce our 4th annual Youth Health Summit, which will be held on May 13th at the Hilton Garden Inn Markham. We are proud to say we have more interest from student delegates in various high schools than ever before. We’d like to invite anyone from TREWO for 4:30pm to meet with speaker alumni and get to see this unique event in action. Our goal going forward (due to lots of interest) would be to hold this conference over night via a camp.

Lastly, on behalf of our Core Team of Directors and execs, we’d like to help you. If you need volunteers, if you’d like us to organize an event via your organization, we’d love to reach out to members close to your community. We welcome new ideas.

Looking forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback on projects you’d like to support.

Mira Persaud

Mind Full Health Organization Executive Director

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