"To create healthy communities through education. Knowledge is the best preventative medication one can have."

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization (TREWO) is a registered Canadian charity launched on April 1, 2009.  (Charity Number 849907365.)


TREWO is led by Dr Sudi Devanesen, recipient of the Order of Canada and Ravi Juneja, founding member of EIPROC, the East Indian Professional Residents of Canada.


On the TREWO Advisory Board are leading medical practitioners, ethical business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and academia.


Our objective is to create healthy communities through knowledge sharing both online and through talks, seminars, workshops. We also support various local and international organizations working in the field of healthcare by hosting fundraisers through out the year.

Canada is ethnically diverse and TREWO recognizes that Canadians require customized care at the community level. Certain cultural communities are at a higher risk for specific diseases, and require specialized care – including but not limited to diabetes, high cholesterol and Multiple Sclerosis. 


Given the enormity of the Canadian health landscape, TREWO is committed to:


  • Acting as a one-stop health resource

  • Initiating empowerment through interactivity

  • Promoting physician/patient dialogue on the web 

  • Providing a community-based perspective on support

  • Caring for communities

A message from Dr. Sudi Devanesen

Health is directly related to your genetic makeup and lifestyle. Although you have no control over your genetic makeup, you do have control over your lifestyle. You can do a lot to prevent, control or delay disease and disability.


Our biggest health issues today are lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. They have reached epidemic proportions, and are putting enormous stress on our healthcare system. For more than 30 years, I have treated and counselled thousands of patients on how to lead healthier and happier lives.


I have a family history of heart disease and diabetes, and over the years, have altered my lifestyle so that I can live a full and healthy life. I know, firsthand, what it means to be a patient. I also know, from experience, that even small changes in one's lifestyle and diet can make a big difference.


With the help of TREWO, and through this website, we can connect and spread the word about healthier living. I look forward to working with you to make Canada the gold standard of health and wellness. I am also requesting all my colleagues, who are among the finest caregivers in the world, as well as every Canadian to join me in spreading the mantra of good health.


~ Dr. Sudi Devanesen, CM

President of The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization

The Ripple Effect Wellness Organization

1765 Bridewell Court

Mississauga, Ontario 

L5L 3V9

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